About Me

I was born yesterday,… trouble seemed so far away…

I was born in the 1960’s and grew up in rural Malacca before moving to a residential school in Ipoh and later to United States and Britain for tertiary education.


I’m an educator working for a university, conveying message to prospective chemical engineers on the need to protect the world, while enjoying its bounties.

I’m also a researcher, continually developing and improving processes that convert natural resources into products useful for our livelihood.

I carry out training and consultancy to support the manufacturing  industries as part of my contribution in making Malaysia a wealthier nation.

I’m a firm believer that a social development must progress in tandem with those physical ones. This motivates me to remain active as a social worker.

Whenever I managed to steal time from hectic life, I frequent the South China Sea searching for tranquility while enjoying deep-sea fishing actions. At times you may also find me up in the mountain in a sweat-soaked attire. I love nature and intends to help preserving it.

Serenity of Mount Kinabalu

Serenity of Mount Kinabalu

Some actions near  Pulau Tioman

Actions near Pulau Tioman

Life is indeed an uphill journey. Before reaching the top, lots of struggle and sacrifices must be made. Climbing a steep terrain in one instance, descending to valleys – deep or shallow at other instances. The ultimate aim is to reach the highest peak. God-willing, those who persevere will succeed.

This is a collection of my thoughts and life experiences, some of which might be useful to any readers.


11 Responses to Whoami

  1. khalid says:

    selamat berkenalan..

    Khalid..from UKM

  2. Wan Nazaruddin says:

    Salam perkenalan Dr. AA.

    MSc in Process Safety and Loss Prevention
    University of Sheffield.

  3. aina says:

    salam perkenalan prof….im aina mardhiyah from UiTM..a post graduate student in the field of Microbial Fuel cell (MFC)….i notice your rss is full of fuel cell…is it an interest?? email me at ainamardhiyah_amj1726@yahoo.com for some knowledge sharing if u have the time prof…thank you…i also love sport n travel…nice blog prof..

  4. Hasiah Fauzi says:

    Salam Abg Chad… very nice posts you’ve here, really enjoy reading it. The article on life in Pueblo brings back all my nostalgic moments with the brothers & sisters there… My salam to Kak Ana & family.

  5. rosmaini says:

    salam prof,
    nice blog & nice info
    make me thinking of joining you in IH.

  6. River says:

    do you know about Yasar University, is it good university in the field of scientific research?

  7. Ridzuan says:

    Nice knowing you Dr AA. I am very interested in the Process Safety area. Appreciate if you could be my sifu……

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