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Korea Experiences – Sharing for Muslim Travellers

I am now in a flight towards Kuala Lumpur from Busan, and I decided to write this piece. Perhaps, it might be useful to some other Muslim travellers bound for Korea. Traveling in Korea has become slightly easier since my … Continue reading

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The Future Has Begun

Much had been said about climate change and the needs to reduce carbon emissions. Equally extensive were the calls for renewable energy to prepare the world for the decline of fossil fuels and increasing rejection of nuclear energy. And the answer is here… It is hydrogen! Continue reading

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Lamunan KTX

Melihat sawah padi terbentang luas di bumi Korea, hatiku begitu riang. Terbayang nostalgia lama. Kisah di zaman kanak-kanak. Lalu kocoretkan perasaan itu sambil aku bersandar di dalam keretapi KTX dari Seoul menuju ke Gwangju. Aku kini dalam perjalanan ke Gwangju … Continue reading

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