Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. describe the plant operation system typically used in process industries and justify the necessity of each layer of protection.

2. analyze hazards associated to process industry and estimate the extent of damage that can be caused by each hazard

3. identify operational issues associated with process plants and propose changes to improve safety and operability.

4. carry out risk assessment on process plants and propose suitable mitigating measures should such installations be accepted

Course Content (Download Class Rules )

1. Introduction to Process Safety

1.1 In Memories (Download Lecture Notes)

1.2 Hazards in Process Industries (Download Lecture Notes)

1.3. Risk Assessment & Reduction(Download Lecture Notes )

2. Process Safety Systems

2.1 Plant Operation System (Download Lecture Notes )

2.2 Understanding Process Diagrams (Download Lecture Notes )

2.3 Process Safety Management (Download Lecture Notes )

2.4 Relevant legislation

a. Regulations in OSHA & FMA (refer to DOSH Website)

b. Process safety management (Legislation in USA CFR 29 )

3. Process Hazard Analysis

3.1 Overview of techniques in PHA (Download Lecture Notes)

3.2 Hazard and Operability Studies (Download Lecture Notes)

4. Hazard Modelling and Consequence Analysis

4.1 Hazard modeling (Download Lecture Notes)

4.2 Source Model (Download Lecture Notes)

4.3 Mass Dispersion (Download Lecture Notes)

4.4 Heat Dispersion(Download Lecture Notes)

4.5 Fire Model (Download Lecture Notes)

4.6 Explosion Model (Download Lecture Notes)

4.7 Aloha Software (Download Lecture Notes and ALOHA Manual)

5. Risk Assessment 

5.1 Overview of Risk Assessment (Download Lecture Notes)

5.2 Quantitative Risk Assessment (Download Lecture Notes)

a. Overview of QRA

b. Hazard Identification

c. Consequence Analysis

d. Frequency Analysis

e. Risk Analysis and Management


6. Mitigating Measures (Download Lecture Notes)

5.1 Inherent Safety

5.2 Safety Guidelines for Design

Class Activities

1. Lectures are held at lecture room 1-12 on Monday 8.00 to 11.00 pm. Urrggh evening classes!!!

2. There will be a series of class workshop activities

3. There will be few  take-home group projects

4. There will be 2 examinations – a mind-term and a final.


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