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Sampaikah hati anda?

Sampaikah hati para jemaah sekelian memberikan hasil rasuah kepada kedua orang tua kita yang telah bersusah-payah membesarkan kita sejak lahir ke dunia ini? Ya… cukup dengan dua soalan itu. Hati yang hidup pasti dapat merasainya. Sampaikah hati anda? Continue reading

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The baseline of humanity

In the end, there is a fundamental question to be answered on this matter. What would be the baseline? What is the acceptable level of humanity to be adopted by us towards our fellow human being that we share the world with ? Continue reading

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Process or Outcome ?

Journey and Destination Quite often I told my students that the journey is as important as the destination. Well, this is very true when we are travelling. Instead of rushing to the destination, why not enjoy the journey – it … Continue reading

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A week full of mathematics in Copenhagen

Mathematical Modelling  For whatever reasons, I am comfortable with mathematics and computing. Perhaps it was the motivation from Miss Lim, when I was in school in Ipoh. But last week in Copenhagen, something caught my interest. It was ontology. It is actually … Continue reading

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There goes my place of retreat…

The color of academic world Living the academic world is not as easy as it is often thought of. Though we are a government employee, we do not even enjoy the standard perks made available for government officers. University is … Continue reading

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Refleksi Orang Tua

Itulah sebabnya Tan Sri Arshad Ayub berkata, “anak-anak, ciumlah ibu bapamu. Mungkin dia berpeluh dan baunya tidak enak. Tapi dialah yang telah berjasa sehingga kamu berjaya pada hari ini”. Continue reading

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Do locals benefit from industralization?

I’ve just heard something interesting from the French experiences, yesterday. Whether it was exaggerated or not, it is not important, but the idea is fundamentally correct and the impact has been very positive. They were talking about some policies on … Continue reading

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