The baseline of humanity

I am now at the airport, waiting for a flight to get home, after a long day at a seminar. Lots of interesting ideas gathered and more unanswered questions emerged. One thing that I’ve learnt in this life – change is actually not that difficult to make, it only requires conscience and political will. Lets leave it at that…

Then I watched a TED talk on my mobile. It was a talk by Mellisa Fleming, describing the journey of a young woman who became an unlikely hero, among the 11 who survived a capsized boat that carried 500 people. Not only that she survived, she also saved another life, an infant. It was a touching story. I found a youtube link here that you might want to use.

Melissa also brought about few important points and raised a number of questions. She asked, why isn’t the world more organized in helping the Syrian refugees in the manner that it did to the Vietnamese in the 1970’s? Why is so little being done to stop the war, the prosecution and the poverty that is driving so many people to shore of Europe? She also made few statements that fundamentally need to be understood by all, “… no refugee would be on that dangerous boat if they can thrive where they are.., no migrant will take that dangerous journey if they have food to feed themselves and their children….”

Last month, I met a Professor in Europe who came up with a hypothesis. Well, professors love to hypothesize and assumed that it becomes accepted theory immediately after they said it. That’s why professors enjoy arguing with each other. He said that among the refugees are ISIS fighters that wanted to attack Europe from inside. So Europe should be careful in opening their doors. Then in the next day I met another professors who was severely criticizing the Hungarian for turning their backs on the refugees. He said in a very logical manner, that when they were in crisis and fled their countries to Western Europe, they were welcome. Why couldn’t they do the same for the Syrian?

In the end, there is a fundamental question to be answered on this matter. What would be the baseline? What is the acceptable level of humanity to be adopted by us towards our fellow human being that we share the world with ?

My Lord, please provide us the wisdom needed to make correct judgments…


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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