Memori Andalusia 7 – Ronda

The Journey from Torremolinos to Ronda

I was recommended to visit Ronda by a taxi driver who drove me to the car rental company in the airport. He suggested that we travel back to Sevilla from Malaga through Ronda. He said “You must see. It is beautiful”. I was glad that I did it.


We drove to Ronda from Torremolinos with a quick stop at Benalmadena and Marbella. The journey was smooth through a quiet country road, winding up as it climbed the highland. 


Ronda – Sitting on the Cliff

The Romantic City

Earnest Hemingway regarded Ronda as the Most Romantic City in Spain. It has the oldest Bull Ring and the city was beautifully set on a cliff, with deep gorge that can be seen from the city centre. 


Shops are closed in the afternoon – you are supposed to have siesta

The aura was relaxed and serene. The road was tricky as usual – winding narrow cobblestoned – for driving. Once, I had to stop once, in order to let a car from the opposite direction to pass by.


Gigantically tall bridge separating the 2 parts of the city

Some Historical Notes

Ronda is located in the highland, about 100 kilometres west of Malaga, 60 km northwest of MarbellaIn 1485, soldiers of the king and queen laid siege to Ronda, which surrendered after extensive bombardment, thus failed as the last western stronghold of the Muslim Kingdom of Granada.    


Garden with nice view – best part of the palace

Small Beautiful Palace on the Cliff

Ronda had a small beautifully located palace, sitting on the cliff with beautiful views of a vast valley with mountains in the background.No wonder after they successfully conquered Ronda, Ferdinand and Isabella made this palace one of their place of dwellings.





Nice view from the palace

Journey from Ronda to Sevilla

The journey from Ronda to Sevilla was easy with country roads passing through the green countryside, followed by highways leading to Sevilla. We reached the apartment that we booked near Sevilla airport around 6 pm. After settling down, we drove to Sevilla airport to return the rented car. It was a good trip indeed !


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