30 Years of Luxury

The long meetings and driving made me collapsed in bed within minutes after arriving home. The weekend had been hectic, and my my arrival was well after midnight. I was sound asleep, knew nothing, not even a dream that I could remember, until  awaken to prepare for the dawn prayer by the most loyal person that I knew in this life – my beloved wife, Hana. It has been 30 years and the journey was not all that easy, but the virtue of being patient, content with what we had, made us what we are today. That morning, I was a bit sensitive, slightly emotional. Being grateful with all the blessings of life that have been bestowed upon me by the Almighty. I was reflecting of the past and my heart trembled. To my beloved wife, thank you for giving me the luxury of life for the past 30 years. May Allah reward you with the best of all rewards in jannah.

Fort Collins

It was a luxury for me as she has been all the while a homemaker, taking lots of problems and intricacies away from my mind, allowing me to focus on other things. Now that our youngest child has completed his SPM examination, the shuttle service from home to school is officially discontinued.

It was an interesting journey, as I had to struggle  doing extra jobs to top up the meagre income that government servants were paid in the old days (now, salary in the government sector is a lot better). I remember teaching part-time in private colleges, doing off campus teaching in the weekends, conducting professional training courses to petrochemical industry as well as other activities to cope with the expenses of bringing up 5 kids that we love immensely. We have thrived the tough journey, and are always hopeful of the bright future, in this life and in the next.

Never could I imagine that the girl I first spotted on the bus from Denver Stappleton Airport to Boulder, in august of 1981, is now a grandmother sharing her life with this old (but young at heart, haha) man. All praises to Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. To Hana… Thanks.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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One Response to 30 Years of Luxury

  1. Jari Kurus says:

    30 years..Barakallah! Dalam usia begini Dr masih lagi aktif dgn bermacam aktiviti. Moga hari mendatang kita penuh dengan barakah. AMIN

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