Tyre Inflator

Have you ever thought that a tyre inflator is a handy gadget that should be stored in the trunk of your car? Well, maybe many of us haven’t seen one. Well, they may come in different forms – some as aerosol can, others as a battery operated mini-compressor. The latter can also be used to inflate an air mattress if you have one.

Last week, as I drove from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, I felt that the steering wheel were pulled to the left. Opps, I might have a flat tyre, but there’s no sound, so the tyre was still OK, thought I. It was then getting close to midnight and I was somewhere near Jasin and the next rest area would be Pagoh. I was contemplating whether or not it is going to last that long. It was late at night and I was reluctant to put the spare tyre on. I kept driving while monitoring the situation. If it got worse, I would just stop and change the tyre, and I planned do that at Tangkak Lay-by, said I to myself. Changing tyres at the emergency lane can be dangerous.

When I reached Tangkak, the condition was still reasonable, and I decided that the air must still be enough, and I didn’t even stop to check, believing in my gut feeling that the tyre still had sufficient air. I continued driving  to the gas station in Pagoh Rest Area. True enough, there wasn’t much air left. The tyre was almost flat and my suspicion was correct.

I filled the tyre and continued driving, with a plan for a refill in Machap Rest Area, about 70-80 km away. Unfortunately, when I got there, none of the compressors at the two gas stations were working. Ooops, I had to change the tyre, after all. My wife suggested me to call PLUS RONDA, but I dismissed the idea by saying, it is air that I need, and I don’t think PLUS RONDA can help. Then she spotted PLUS RONDA near the Petronas station, and there was a superbike with a flat tyre next to them. As I approached them, complaining about the co-incidents, all the air dispenser not working etc, they offered me the mobile air inflator. It was battery operated Topair Tyre inflator with capacity of 150 psi. Mmm a handy gadget, maybe I should buy one. And may be I should listen more to my wife.

I drove all the way home and stopped at a Petronas Station in Pulai Perdana for another refill before retiring for the day. The next morning, the tyre was partially refilled with a bicycle tyre inflator before being sent to the workshop for repair. Quite convenient, and it would be more convenient if I had the battery operated version.  

Well, changing tyre was a small job and I can do it easily. But I was reluctant because the trunk was full with all kind of stuffs that we brought from Kuala Lumpur. PLUS RONDA also offered to do it for me, at least twice but I declined because I was confident that a refill would be good enough.

Anyway, if you have a flat tyre and need to replace with the spare one on PLUS Highway, you can always call PLUS RONDA for assistance. They are very helpful. You need them, at least to manage the traffic. Believe me as it can be scary working on the emergency lane with cars or trucks driving fast in the next lane. I had done that many times before. So, call them and wait before start working. Safety First !


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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