Let’s make things better

Election time is coming. True for Malaysia.  Also true for the NGO that I’m actively involved – IKRAM. For Malaysia, the general election is coming soon, as many would think as signs are clearer with endless campaigns – either direct or indirect – in the mainstream media. Every day the news casters are bashing the opposition parties and their leaders from all angles, which don’t make sense, since they were supposed to be delivering news, full stop!  Yo !, tone it down, will you?  I want to hear news!. However, I believe, today, we Malaysian are smart enough. We will vote with clear conscience, looking for leaders that will make Malaysia better.

For our NGO, everything is spelled out in the constitution, and the leaderships are due for replacement (although many might be reelected, perhaps unwillingly). The Annual General Meetings for all district branches are in progress. The state elections are due next month, while the national leaderships will be reviewed in 2 years.

Leadership is a responsibility. The prophet peace be upon him, said in a hadith that was narrated by Ibn Umar: “Behold, every one of you is a leader, and you will be asked about those you lead. Imam is the leader above the people and shall be asked about them, a man is a leader over the house and shall be asked about his household, a woman is a leader over her children and shall be asked about them.”

In another hadith, the prophet Peace Be Upon Him said,  “Guardians will be brought with their hands tied to their necks. Only justice will set them free”.

There’s so many other warnings and reminders to the leaders on the need to carry out their responsibility.  No wonder, too many Islamists are shying away from taking positions in dakwah and tarbiyah organisations such as IKRAM. It is a heavy responsibility.

However, leadership is also a very important issue and for organizations to be successful, they need capable leaders. Perhaps, we need to consider the hadith about the group of people that will be shaded by the throne of Allah, on the days when the scorching sun is closer to our head and there is no other shade than the shade of Arash. It is indeed very fortunate for those selected to be protected by the shade. One of them is a just ruler. Let’s hope this way,  if we do our best in taking the leaderships role and carry out our duties by upholding justice, insya Allah, God Willing, we’ll be one of those who will be covered by the shade of the ‘Arash (throne) in the hereafter. May Allah include us all. 

Another note about leaderships is that, as a leader, you can make changes, to make things better. It allows you to add colors to dull pictures, to add currents to still waters. Predictable or not, the world kept on changing, creating new history every day. Sometimes we need to take a bold step to move forward, overcoming hurdles and obstacles. Sometimes, we need to do the unpredictable, not only mere routines. I like to quote from “The Black Swan”, a book written by a Lebanese born statistician cum investor, Naseb Taleb. It says, “History and societies do not crawl. They make jumps. They go from fracture to fracture, with few vibrations in between. Yet we (and historians) like to believe in the predictable, small incremental progression”. Oftentimes, the abrupt changes (or major disturbances, as we called it in process engineering), are unpredictable to the receivers, but not so to those who created those changes.

Any way, either a small step or a large jump, changes toward betterment of the organisations are always needed to keep our movement on track. To the new leaders of IKRAM at all levels, I wish you good luck. May Allah grant you tawfiq and hidayah so that you will be among those blessed with His mercy, in this world and the hereafter. LETS MAKE THINGS BETTER.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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