The Street Light

As I was driving towards Kulai Jaya tonight, the street lights were shining brightly, glowing the orange neon rays to the busy traffic. And my mind was away, wandering about and around to nowhere, a little disturbing, a bit unsettled. Was I sad ? No, I don’t think so. Was I angry ? Definitely not. Perhaps I was tired due to hectic schedule, juggling between priorities  that never stop piling, making it harder and harder to subside, never mind to dissapear.  The car was almost driven by itself through the road that was all too familiar as it has passed through it may be more than a thousand times. Then all of the sudden, I was stuck in a traffic jam, and I had to call them that I ‘ll be late for the important meeting.

The meeting was concluded close to midnight, and I was driving back the same way. And the neon lights were still shining brightly. So lucky were the lamps as they were able to dutifully serve the world as long as energy was supplied. The service provided remained the same regardless of who were passing by. So easy it was because all were mechanistics, obeying the rule of physics.

But a biological system is a bit different. It tends to worn out a bit faster although it does have some defense and correction mechanisms. Tops of everything is human being,  equipped with many things by God the Almighty, forming all the complexities that enable them to carry out all the different tasks, big or small. With all these previleges and specialties, human beings are subjected to two major challenges. First, he is subjected to feelings, and at times these feelings can be a burden, wearying his efficiency, lessening his creativity. Second, he is subjected to accounting on whatever he was doing. He has to face some of it in this life and definitely a complete one in the life after.

I remember once I was talking to a Sufi in a small town of Abiquiu somewhere in the countryside of New Mexico. I was looking at some birds flying, and said, “how lucky was the bird, able to fly freely, without the fear of the day of judgment”. Then he jokingly said, “maybe not until he got shot”. Haha… so nostalgic was Abiquiu in 1984, away from the rest of the civilisation…

It’s a bit too late now, and i’ve got my mind cleared. Perhaps it is time to meet my Lord, who never fails to listen to His servants. Good night all.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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