A Day in Bako National Park

Family Trip 2010

With Huda on semester break and Faisal had few remaining days before flying back to Jordan, we decided to take a short break to somewhere quiet. After a quick search for possible  places as well as travel and accommodation arrangements, we decided to go to Kuching. We were lucky to secure a reasonably good bargain on Air Asia and Damai Beach Resort was running a promotion throughout October. So, everything fell right in place and we were set to go.

Damai Beach Resort

Damai beach resort

Damai Beach Resort is located in the north of Kuching, about 40 minutes from the city centre. It is an old establishment that is still attractive. It is like “awet muda” in Malay. It is quiet and you have the option to stay in the hillside units or those near the beach, and the rooms are spacious. If you like to force yourself for a daily exercise, pick the hill side and climb up the 185 steps stairway. When you reach the top, you’ll enjoy the magnificent view while breathing faster than normal and releasing a bit of sweat. Nevertheless, you have the option to call for a shuttle service that is on stand by at the reception.

Bako National Park

Bako National Park is located in the north east of Kuching, about 40 minutes either from Damai beach or the city centre. To get there, you have to pass Sejingkat industrial area and move on further north until you reach the jetty where the park entry check point is located. Over there, you have to register all the group members, pay the entry fee and charter a boat. For five of us (Me, Hana, Faisal, Huda and Amin) the fees was RM30 and the return boat ride to the Bako National Park costs RM 90.

We were ready

My wife said “we are supposed to be on a holiday, but it looks like it is going to be a mukhayyam”. Haha.. it was a family mukhayyam.

There many well-marked trails to choose from

There are many well-marked trails to choose from but we chose the inner circle or the Lintang trail that was supposed to take about 3-4 hours.

Spectacular view from Bako

There were many interesting naturally carved stones. There was one that looked  like  a man’s head, another that resembled a fish, a frog etc… Quite interesting.

Green Pottery - "periuk kera"

Bako boasts for having many different kind of vegetation. There are shady parts as well as areas that are rather barren. Plenty of insect trappers of several kinds can be found.


A day will come when signage like this is no longer required... one day...

Mount Santubong at the background

Shrimp Trap - a common sight in Bako river

Ready to go after a long day

We left at about 4 pm after spending 6 hours at Bako National Park. If you were to explore this intesting place, you need to spend at least two full days and take an accommodation in one of the cabin or dormitories.


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