Chow Kit Road

The road that never sleep

It has been a very long time since my last visit to Chow Kit Road. I can vividly recall the days in the 80’s where it was this very road that offered bargains for various goods. In those days, there were only a handful of large departmental stores in Kuala Lumpur. I remember carrying my eldest son, Faiz on my arm to board the Sri Jaya route 255 bus service from Hulu Klang to Chow Kit to shop at Keramat and Batu Road supermarkets. Mmm… Sweet memories are always refreshing. In those days, I didn’t own a car and the three of us  traveled by bus or train.

I arrived at Cititel Express Hotel late friday night, but Chow Kit area was still very much alive with people – men, women and children – still looking for bargains. On the pavements of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Raja Alang, traders were selling variety of goods. With Hari Raya approaching you can find many items at reasonably low price, and if you have the right skill, you’ll save a fortune, I think.

Chow Kit - Offering bargains day and night

At One a.m. I was starving. So, I went down the street and settled for Char Kwaytiau and Kopi O at one of the nearby stall. Later as I was lying on bed trying to sleep, the musics from the street were still loud, not giving the slightest chance for the expected serenity to envelop the night. It was well after 2 am when I finally collapsed into near comatose due to exhaustion. My comments on the hotel: the room was tidy with basic facility and you can get a good bargain through on-line booking, but avoid the  “standard rooms” as they are located on the lower floors and thus noisy.

I woke up at 4.30 and the music was still loud, and indeed I didn’t stop at all until I left for the campus in Jalan Semarak. When I related the story to the students, some of the Klites said that at the end of ramadan, Chow Kit never sleep. Mmm… a clash of needs -this is the time when one should spend more time on prayer mat and stay up early morning to seek forgiveness and mercy from God the Almighty, but at the same time, some arrangements are to be made to prepare for hari raya. I wonder and keep wondering…

KL Monorail Station at Chow Kit

Iftar and Tarawih at Kg. Baru

As usual whenever I happened to be in KL during ramadan, I would never miss a chance to have my tarawih prayer at Kg Baru mosque. As usual, this year, three imams from Mecca (I was once told) are taking turn to lead the prayer which last for nearly 2 hours to complete the 20 rakaats with beautiful recitations from about one juzuk of the quran.

To optimise time, I had my iftar in one of the restaurant near the Kg. Baru mosque.  From Chow Kit, I had to walk through bazar ramadan along Jalan Raja Alang. It was busy with plenty of foods offered. If you happened to be there sometime, don’t look at your watch because with the luring aroma, you’ll feel as if  time is not moving.

Bazaar Ramadan JAlan Raja Alang

marketing strategy??

As I was a bit late, all restaurants were already packed and I had to settle at a table on the pavement. As sunset is nearing and foods are not yet delivered, I went across the street to get an ice cream. Mmm, ice cream for iftar, and it was a good idea. Shortly after the azan, dinner arrived but unfortunately, before I could finish the meal, evening showers started. I quickly concluded the dinner and left to the mosque. What a luck, eeh?

Morning Exam

Now I am in my classroom watching the students diligently scribbling something on the answer sheets. We are having the mid-term exam for “Process Safety and Loss Prevention”, one of the core subject in the popular M.Sc. in Safety, Health and Environment program. It is popular as we consistently have a class of 30 + in JB and 15 + in KL.

Good Luck Guys…


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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2 Responses to Chow Kit Road

  1. Zahid Naser says:


    Like it the way you tell the story of moving Chow Kit. It gives memories. I experienced Kuala Lumpur city for the very first time when I was 11. I had to do that for my father can’t pick me up when the school holidays started.

    My father told me to get bus from TTDI Damansara which my school located and transit once I arrived at Kota Raya to no 68 Intrakota(and now it is changed to RapidKL) to get home. Rather to leave Kota Raya’s scene as soon as possible as my father told me to do so, I was with all the guts disobeyed my father’s direction. Not only I walked along the choatic Petaling Street, I ended up with having burger at Sogo Shopping Mall. Then I hung up with just myself for three hours walking and observing people around Jalan Masjid India, and Wisma Yakin..

    For that I paid to get scolded by my mum because of my late arrival at home in Puchong. But I feel no regret at all.. hehehe.. And right now not only they are not angry, but they are very proud to have me study and travel oversea alone. And Cairo is completely more unexpected than our beloved rapidly developed Kuala Lumpur city.

    Zahid Naser

  2. Dr. AA says:

    haha… good experience. BTW a friend said, if you survive in Cairo, you’ll survive anywhere.

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