Synergy-Symbiosis-Sustainable: jargons that can be manipulated !!

I’ve done quite a bit of research on optimization techniques and their applications in solving various problems ranging from process control, safety and artificial intelligence. Many methods have been explored – those based on trends such as direction or gradients (conjugate direction, conjugate gradient, quasi-newton) or those that are random (chemotaxis, genetic algorithm, genetic programming etc). Haa haa… sounds technical, didn’t I.

Nevertheless, similar to other aspects of life, there’s always loop-holes that allow rules being broken, procedure being bypassed and performance index being manipulated so that men can fulfill their lust and desires. Ooops a bit too much. What I was trying to say was, Men being Men are good at manipulations. Leaders can hide behind jargon, managers can deceive using statistics, so are everybody else – they can always find a way to get what they want. That’s what made men crooked.

So, what is the remedy to this scenario? To me, the best defense mechanism is to inculcate good values into human. Once this guiding principles are embedded in their hearts, they will be guided. Like I kept on saying over and over, here and there – in the end it is your heart that matters. It is the values that you stick to and the believe that you adhered to that will drive your actions or protect you from the lures of worldly benefits.

Let me put these questions. Why is it public toilets in Malaysia is not up to the standard like those in many developed countries? Why are picnic sites in Malaysia littered with trash? If you can bring the water bottle and  plastic food containers up the mountain when they are full, why can’t you bring them down when they are empty? Why are the metal drain-covers stolen? Why are old folks standing in the LRT? How many people are eager to help the blind to cross the road? How much money do we give in charity each month? These are some  examples to measure whether or not a community is truly civilised.

In order to be a well-balanced sustainable community, infrastructural, livelihood and material developments should come hand in hand with that of spiritual and intellectual domains.  Read about the history of civilisation: once decadence in values is prevalent, so is the power and administration. Empires had fallen, replaced by another and yet another. Those that survived or manage to reawaken are those with many generally good values. And these values are widespread, being practiced by the masses.  I put my question again – do we have those values???

So, you can use all the jargon that you want: synergy, symbiosis, sustainable etc to portray transformation and modernisation, if your values are third world, you’ll remain as the third world.

OK. it’s time to get back to the final exam scripts. Insya Allah it will be done tonight with marks ready to be submitted tomorrow.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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