Volunteerism at Tanjung Piai National Park

The Spirit

For all the bounties and beauties that mother nature has provided, let us give something back. With that spirit in mind, a group of IMGLAD trainees left UTM on the morning of march 15, 2010 to Tanjung Piai National Park. The aim was to help preserving  nature by collecting abandoned man-made items from the natural setting of  Bakau Sanctuary.

IMGLAD B1 - Eager to Serve - Front Row: Teh, Rodza, Fendi, Ila, Shida, Liza, Mas, Dayah, Dot, Apis, Emy. Second Row: Peh, Yatie, In, B, Veger, Sheh, Nur, Izzah, CG, Suria, Pian, Dr. AA

I have to admit that these group of youngsters were really creative and enthusiastic. Upon arrival, I was presented with a number of surprises including a nicely painted and hand-written banner to heighten the group solidarity.

The Park

Tg. Piai National Park Covers 526 ha of Bakau forest along with 400 ha of mud frontier land. It is the home of some 26 species of Bakau (Rhizophora) species, various api-api (avicennia) families as well numerous other plants. It is also a site where migratory birds stop in between flights between north and south according to the cycles of weather.

As we approached the park, we were greeted by long-tail Macaque which we normally call kera. Don’t worry even if you see so many of them as they would mind their own business, unless there is something in you that they like,..haha.. Other animals commonly found include Lotong, wild pigs, otter, monitor lizards, snakes as well as many other tiny species.

The shock absorber

Bakau forest also serves as part of the defense mechanism against coastal erosion, serving as “shock absorber” by dampening  raging tidal waves as they approach the shore.

Elevated Campsite

The park also offers facilities for camping in Bakau neighborhood. You can experience camping on wooden platform sitting on swampy forest.

Tg. Piai also marks the southern tip of Asia’s mainland. Not far from the fishing jetty, a monument was erected to signify the southernmost point. (A Chinese lady told me that she caught a 6 kg Talang at the jetty few weeks earlier).

The Southern Tip

The Work

We were accompanied by three of the park’s personnel who supervise the activities.  The task was to clean-up the area along the swampy shoreline, northward from the base.

Big or small, pick them all...

Big or small, light or heavy, tangled or loose – all the plastic bags, bottles, ropes or any non-biodegradable items were diligently collected.

Looking for non-biodegradables

The works were constantly interluded by scattered laughter and conversations, in addition to some informative briefing by the supervisors about Bakau.

highly spirited

We were supplied with two garbage bins with attached roll-on trolley, along with a bundle of disposal bags.

carefully maneuvering the bin

Short of 2 hours of work, the guides announced that it was enough. I said to the guy next to me, “apa sekejap sangat”. Well, the bins were already full and we had to bring them to the recycle station.

Anywhere they go, men left their marks - the good one and the bad one...

On our way back to the base, it was the guides’ turn to surprise us. We were offered to do some planting of Bakau.

Sow a Seed, Reap a Harvest

We were provided with some seedlings and plants to be sowed. Perhaps one day we might come back to see whether or not they survived.

I know you'll grow tall, one day

The achievement

Lots can be done, however, the aim of the trip was not really for working. It was a symbolic effort to disseminate good values in each member of the group as well as to inspire others on the needs to be kind to nature,  rather than being selfish, taking everything we can without the slightest concern for the next generation. It is hoped that one day, the people of Malaysia will hand-in-hand making unlimited goodness to the place we live in.

Souvenir presented by Hafiz to Ms Suraya of Tg Piai National Park

Suraya presenting certificate to Shida, the event organiser


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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2 Responses to Volunteerism at Tanjung Piai National Park

  1. MHS says:

    Keep up the volunteerism spirit and CSR movement. Good impression of UTM

  2. yatie says:

    dr…..best sgt post ni…suke3x!!! 😀

    sume gmbr ade,menarik…lg2 yg….”I know you’ll grow tall, one day” ..hehhehehe….xsgke iklan darlie tu pn keluar kt page Dr ni….

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