Mother nature is sad

Several days ago, one of my trainee, Aqilah said in her presentation,…”mother nature is sad…”

Why shouldn’t she be sad? When everybody is already talking about global warming and the needs to preserve the world so that countries like Maldives can continue to exist instead by being submerged by the rising water level, as usual, inter-governmental efforts in setting policies toward protecting the environment had failed again… Nothing much has changed – peoples’ attitude, government policy,… what else?

As COP-15 conference came to a close, minimal solutions were decided upon, most were non-binding, and the world remains in limbo regarding the next steps to mitigating climate change. This is among others, what has been expressed in a dedicated website on COP-15 owned by an academic (Hugh Bartling) and his students (visit

Human being is so engrossed in protecting personal interests and perhaps the interests of those very dear to their hearts. In the end people just become selfish. For example, looking around us we will find fishermen talking about the lack of fish. This is partly due to overfishing, partly due to environmental deterioration.

Overfishing is driven by greed and selfishness, but they will justify their actions as acts of survival. One day, as I was enjoying the tranquility of the day in between islands of the South China Sea, I saw a big boat with drag-net sweeping the area at a distance of less than a kilometer from the shore. I’m quite certain that as it was sweeping the area, it will also comb away baby fishes along with their homes, the corals. I’m also quite sure that the boat’s fishing license has a restriction not to be that close to the shore. They should be 3 or perhaps 5 kilometers away!!! We are talking about a boat in category “C”.

Similarly, as natural beauty brings tourists to these islands, the needs to build hotels, chalets and jetties had lead to pollutants being poured into the sea, again killing the corals. And there goes my corals, the one that I enjoyed watching, the one that had hypnotised me into deep amazement, making me lost track of time… Early this year, I went snorkeling in Sabah, and I was sad… Where were the corals?. In fact I had to swim far from the shore to find some of them. Perhaps, I need to start diving…

Few years ago, I was talking to a local guy of Cameron Highland and he said while pointing at the cloudy and muddy Bertam river, “I used to swim in this river when the water was clear, but it was history. If you do it now your skin gets itchy.”.

If you go to many of the tourist attractions anywhere in the country, many are messy. You can see plastics bags trapped in between rocks, in a stream down a waterfall…. You can also find plastic bottles scattered on some beaches. What is happening around us? Everybody is assuming that somebody will be paid to do the cleaning. Don’t mention the public toilet, please. Why is human being are somehow becoming more and more selfish ?

I think I should just stop here. Needless to say, there are so many examples to cite, but most importantly, we need to take some action. So, please wake up and do something. If you cannot make waves, make ripples.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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