5 days with imglad-11

This is my coffee break. I’m back in my office after a whole day in Danga Bay facilitating a training session for the imglad program. Assigned to me is a small group of 16 trainees known as the imglad-11.

As we ventured the journey together, we learned lots of interesting things. More and more characters discovered. As intended by the learning outcome, the first 9 days are for self-discovery, getting to know yourself – strength and weaknesses – within the context of employability in particular, and life in general.

Everybody had their “moment of truth” in one form or another, staggered along the course. Most were anxious in Day-1. Some were not sure whether the whole idea of attending the program. Some were curious while others just played along – wait and see – as we normally put it. Day-1 and 2 were fun… Somehow, the pace in Day-3 was a bit slow. Both the trainees and me the trainer were not in the best mood but we survived, as usual, completing all tasks cheerfully. And today was special…


Today, on day-4 we discovered many important pieces of information that needed attention. The feelings shared, commitment to activities, enthusiasms as well participation offered by imglad-11 were extra-ordinary. There were joyful and fun moments, there were also times filled with emotions. They were just marvelous. Simply put, I’m proud of them all…


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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