Thin Air of Rocky Mountain 7 – Epilogue


Lots of things happened in those years.  Lots had been learned during the series of khuruj across America, during the journey, in ijtema’ or while in transits at various cities and towns or stranded on the roads as our car broke down in the midst of winter or summer…

Lots of beautiful moments – act of friendships, brotherhood, overcoming obstacles, sharing of resources when we were all broke- all served as part of our growing up, something that I will never forget.

Lots of funny incidents. I can recall several times at night when we were sleeping in the car, Pyan took us to the wrong direction, to Oklahoma instead of Kansas, to I70 West instead of I70 east, etc… We were never upset. We just laughed it out and make a U-turn.

Once as we were in his 1977 (or 78)  Datsun 120Y,  brother Tahir (another Libyan from Pueblo) asked me, “brother, can you drive?” I said, ” I have a license”. He then said, “in this country, even a bird can get a license…” haha.

And, there were many more… as usual, there were many incidences that are best to be remained untold.

This is where I want to stop. In may of 1986, I left Colorado. Maybe one day, I’ll be able to visit that “old playground” again.

There were many people that I met in those years – hundreds, or perhaps thousands… Without belittling contributions of others, I would like to make special mention of the following individuals…

1. Mohamad Bashir – The Moon Generation

“The Moon Generation”, how can I forget those stories beautifully told by Mohamad Bashir.  But more importantly,  it was Mohamad Bashir that planted firmly in my mind that each of us has a certain strength… whenever you find it, harness its potentials to the maximum. God created us with a purpose, he said. That served as strong motivation for me until today. Subhanallah.

2.Abdulla Bezzan

It was Abdulla Bezzan that put serious efforts in convincing me to try the journey to Wichita and Kansas City that changed my life.

3. Ahmad Zoorah

Sometimes when I read the Quran, I remembered Ahmad Zoorah who reminded me once after our quran halaqah in Pueblo mosque, ” Brother, you have a good tongue that can pronounce Arabic words clearly, you can read Quran better than many, but you stumble due to lack of practice. Allah can give and can also take back whatever He gave… yes, it is true. Jazakallahu Khairan ya akhi…

4. Rajab Dagal

Brother Rajab is a highly spirited brother that I admire.

5. Hassan Leidi

Brother Hassan tried to influence me to be perfectionist which I was not. I learned a lot from him and became interested in improving my Islamic knowledge due to encouragement.

6. Sheikh Mabrook

A wonderful character, never talk bad about people. Always emphasized of Tawakkal and dependence on Allah rather than our own efforts. He taught me humility and the importance of solitude in communicating with the Almighty.

7. My brothers and sisters –  Pueblo1982

Thank you for being wonderful friends. We shared many things together. The good times and the bad times… A special tribute to sister Hana who somehow decided to share her life with me…May Allah guide us all.

Today, all of us  are successful in whatever they are doing. Thanks to God for that.  Kaio and I still are in UTM, we’re both a professor in the chemical engineering department. Bard a professor in University Malaysia Pahang, Nazlee (now Datuk) a CEO of a small GLC, Jadid an Enngineering Consultant working round the globe, TP a businessman running an engineering firm, Ishak a civil engineer with TM, Azmi Breng a contractor,  Cik Pah a QA executive, and a businessman in Shah Alam, Pyan (the last time I heard of him) was in Ipoh working for inland revenue, and Ramzy aka Pak Lah Steward in Tumpat hospital, Kelantan. The ladies are somewhere with their families. As I was writing this entry, I do not know the whereabout of Chah, Naza and Non. I recently met Abd Rahman Zuhri  (1 year my Junior, my housemate in Bonnymeade apartment) in Sirim. He asked about Chah and as I told him, the last time we met were about 10 years ago when I wrote a reference for her application for graduate studies.

The End.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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One Response to Thin Air of Rocky Mountain 7 – Epilogue

  1. Ramzy says:

    My brothers and sisters – Pueblo1982, Thank you for being wonderful friends. We shared many things together. The good times and the bad times…….

    Yes Dr Chad, surely those years of together after guided will always there in our heart. Praise to Allah Who guided us to know the truth after we were lost.

    TQ again for a very nice epilogue.

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