Deloitte Employability TTT Program

It has been 4 days since we checked in the Royale Chulan hotel for the Deloitte Employability Train The Trainer program. Tomorrow will be the last day before we break for the weekend. We will be back again on Sunday night for additional 3 days for the deliberation on  training modules that we have to implement to candidates of the IMGLAD (Iskandar Malaysia Graduate Leaderships Assessment and Development) program.

individual expectations

individual expectations

There are 16 of us, some academics from UTM, some professional trainers and freelancers, each with his/her own expectations. The trainers for the TTT program are from Britain – 3 serious ladies, one from Yorkshire and two with interesting Northern Ireland accent.

Best Actor

Best Actor

The last four days had been busy but interesting. We had to go through various topics through experiential learning techniques. Most of the topics  discussed were not new to me as I had either read about them, trained on them or discovered them through my own experiences.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the program immensely as it had brought me through a journey to rediscover myself – my strength and weakness, common mistakes and things that I liked and hated. If nothing was going to be of any use to me in future, the self-discovery journey was worth the time and efforts. Several times during the program I paused and ponder. Am I a good person? Am I really needed by the world? Or perhaps I am just a nuisance that only cause discomfort to people?

The journey highlighted my traits. Most of the time, it was consistent with what I thought about myself, and how some people perceived about me – my strength and weaknesses. During discussion, we shared ideas on how to improve ourselves.  There are also others with similar traits, and many with various different ones.  The sharing was open and sincere and I really appreciate all our team members.

There were also some findings that I did not really agree. This had brought me to confusion. Was the analysis not accurate? But my biggest worry was that whether or not I was sincere throughout my daily life. Perhaps I had been wearing masks that had successfully hidden my true person? Perhaps some of my dominant characters had successfully overshadowed my other characters and had led me to some  misunderstanding.

Within this training program, to further amplify the personal development aspects, we were assigned a buddy whom we had to observe through out the days, and give feedback on the last day.

Tomorrow I have to tell my buddy about his characters and I have to write them down shortly after I conclude this entry. What am I going to tell him?  He is such a nice person, very polite and accommodating, took all sessions very seriously. I saw in him great potentials. But he is very different than me. If he is considered so good, am I not good?

It is hard,  isn’t it? But the world is not only about YES and NO. Life is colorful. Even between black and white, one must to be able to distinguish the shades of gray.

So, the answer is NO. God created people with purposes. Each one of us was given characters and capabilities – many of these are in fact natural talents. So, everybody is important and everybody is needed. We were made for the benefit of the world, to govern the world. We have some common purposes, but also different ones. Some are good  at generating ideas, some are the one that set the trend, yet there are others that are implementers etc. All are actually equally important.

If you know yourself,  you will know how to further enhance your talent and build upon your weaknesses. You would know, where to place yourself within the job markets – a place where you can function well, a place where you might be probably be happier.


So, if you are a university graduate, consider the IMGLAD program. Apart from what I said, there are many other useful things that are offered. It will enhance your potential, and  transfer you from one small bowl into bigger bowl, making you a better person.  Contact IMREC of UTM for further details.

Dr. AA

Writing from Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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3 Responses to Deloitte Employability TTT Program

  1. zulkhair says:

    Deloitte, not Delloit, he, he. Yup, so many new lessons and discoveries in this program. I enjoyed it too. About the test (somewhat a psychometric test) is not 100% correct. More important is not taking advantage especially from our ‘weaknesses’. For example, knowing that we are from the type of ‘bulldozer’ or ‘always ignore the instructions’, it doesn’t mean that we can easily be like that, forcing other people to accept us. PAUSE. This morning I recited chapter as-Sajadah. The few final verses mention about what happen during the hereafter – reflect me. Oh God, I’m really hoping that someone who I become respect and appreciate as the ‘super trainer’ now could be with us in the same ‘sof’ with His bless. Zul;

    • Dr. AA says:

      when i signed up for the TTT program, I did’t even know who deloitte was. In fact I was thinking about Lloyd’s Register (or perhaps the Indonesian group, D’Lloyd).

  2. Mohd Shahru Bahari says:

    Dear AA,
    Good to hear that you enjoyed the TTT program. I am for one for the first time enjoying a training session and really looking forward what will be coming next.

    Thank you for the ad.


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