Protecting the environment

Many people talk about caring for the environment but quite often they fell short of taking meaningful actions, be it as an individual or as an organization or even government. During my recent visit to Vancouver I saw an interesting feature of the city – the electric bus.

Electric bus – a common sight

It may look a bit messy with cables hanging especially at intersections, but the benefit is clear – clean air.


When the contact snaps, the driver will fix it in no time...

Fuel Cell Vehicle

Another alternative is to use Fuel Cell Vehicle, powered by hydrogen gas. It was interesting to know that three local government – California, Washington State and British Columbia cooperated with major car companies to sponsor the Fuel Cell West coast convoy from San Diego to Vancouver. The vehicles had traveled thousands of miles…


an example - Nissan prototype

One interesting event recently held was the fuel-cell convoy between San Diego in California and Vancouver, British Columbia. I missed the ceremony welcoming the convoy…

Hydrogen Powered bus

Hydrogen Powered bus

Hybrid vehicle

When evaluating technology, I’m normally incline to chose hybrids. For road vehicles, hybrids between battery and fuel cell, hydrogen and compressed natural gas (CNG) would be a good choice. Look ! we already have hybrid petrol-CNG in Malaysia, used widely by taxi and the bulky Naza Ria (Note: I used to own Kia Carnival).

Hybrid - A solution from Honda

Hybrid - A solution from Honda

We need to protect the environment…

so that we can enjoy fishing

so that we can enjoy fishing

or boating...

or boating...

cycling or walking in the park...

cycling or walking in the park...

without discomfort from  polluted air, or foul smell from dirty water…

What’s needed is simple action driven by sincere hearts.

Dr. AA.


About Dr. AA

I am an educator, professional trainer, safety consultant, researcher, social worker, outdoor enthusiast, and a thinker.
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One Response to Protecting the environment

  1. Jafariah says:

    Very interesting ideas, if only, many more people like you, to promote the “green” ideology.

    I (and my husband, son and daughter) lived in Vancouver for a couple of years while I was on study leave from UTM. We enjoyed the clean atmosphere, whereby during weekends we will walk from UBC campus down Totem Park and ended up on the beach (just before the Nude Beach territory). Living on campus, we practiced the 3Rs, and the community paid for the expenses to promote recycling. Tried to adopt the idea here in UTM, but the same comments commonly heard from the ungrateful group, “Why bother to pay for your own garbage disposal?”

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